What were the Crusades?
  • The Crusades were a group holy wars fought between the Muslims and the Christians between 1095 AD - 1289 AD.
  • These holy wars were fought over control of sacred locations of each religion


Why were the Crusades Started?
  • The massacre of 3000 Christian Pilgrims in Jerusalem prompted the first crusade
  • Religious Conviction of crusaders
  • The Instinct to Fight
  • The Preaching of Peter the Hermit
  • The Threat of the Turks
  • The Council of Clermont led by Pope Urban II - "It is the will of God"

How did the Crusades end?
After 4 crusades, 109 years of fighting, and thousands of deaths, the crusades were over. Jerusalem changed hands many times but ended up in Christian hands.

Famous people of the Crusade.
  • Peter the Hermit - preached to the English about going on crusade and also lead one of the five sections of the People's Crusade

  • Pope Urban II - Byzantine EmperorAlexios asked him for help against Muslim Turks, who had taken over most of formerly Byzantine Anatolia. Pope Urban II sent him thousands of troops instead of the small elite group of soldiers he wanted.

  • Saladin - he led the Muslims against the Crusaders